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MAY 14, 2022

The government has announced that as of May 14, masks will no longer required in public, except on public transportation and in health care facilities. Masks are still recommended for vulnerable and elderly people.




(This link will be updated on May 14: feel free to consult it and make it known)


We no longer need to apply any health recommendations in places of worship. However, caution is still required, as we often welcome vulnerable people. Let’s endeavour to ensure that all are comfortable in our places of worship, both those who remove their masks and those who wish to continue wearing them. Let's regularly remind people who are experiencing symptoms to isolate themselves, get a quick test and follow the guidelines that apply in such cases.


In summary: Wearing a mask is no longer mandatory, but is still allowed and sometimes

even recommended.


In addition, we can (if we haven't already):

- Put water back in the holy water founts;

- Welcome people at the beginning of Mass and chat with them as they leave;

- Use the same ambo for all readings, preaching and prayers of the faithful;

- Take up the collection in the pews;

- Say "The Body of Christ" at communion;

- Anoint directly at baptisms, confirmations and the sacrament of the sick;

- Take group photos without masks at events;

- Give greater access to the washrooms;

- Stop washing sacred vessels and pews between Masses.


However, prudence requires us:

- To ventilate worship spaces as much as possible, leaving doors and windows open

when the weather is nice;

- To continue to encourage hand hygiene;

- To exchange peace discreetly;

- To be cautious about communion on the tongue by hand-cleaning hands each

communion distributed this way;

- To prefer communion by intinction to direct communion at the chalice for the


- To invite those who distribute communion at home to wear a mask when visiting

vulnerable people.


In short, everything is permitted... but caution is advised.



Archdiocese of Gatineau Communications Department

*** Translated with the help of ***



Upcoming Events

  • Reflection of Scripture
    Every Monday at 7pm starting September 6th
    Every Monday at 7pm starting September 6th
    Join fellow parishioners every Monday evening in reading the upcoming Sunday's scripture and share how the Word of God speaks to you.

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