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We are called to participate in God’s mission and in a lifestyle of discipleship – as individuals and as a faith community. Stewardship of the parish implies the responsible planning and managing of all resources. Like most churches, St. Aloysius and St. Columban rely on the generosity of its parishioners for time spent, abilities applied and financial donations to keep the church doors open and operating as a place of worship. This is no small task with aging churches, mounting heating costs and constant repair and upkeep.



There are various ways you can financially give to our parishes, most of which are eligible for income tax receipts. These include:


Donating Online

One of the easiest ways to donate is online. Click on the button below which will take you to the Archdiocese of Gatineau’s online tool where you can identify St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish or St. Columban Mission as the recipient and make a one-time or monthly donation. A tax receipt will be provided.

Envelopes for Weekly Donations at Mass

Many parishioners like to provide their donation at a Mass using cash and/or cheques which they insert into their own weekly envelopes. If you would like a set of envelopes for your donations, please contact the parish office.

The envelopes for the current year are kept at the entrance of the church for parishioners who are already registered for envelopes. Ensure your box of envelopes has your correct name and address, as this is how your income tax receipts will be issued. Corrections should be brought to the attention of the parish secretary.  Please also consider donating in the Initial Offering envelope to help cover the administrative costs of printing these envelopes and use of the accounting software.


Donating through your Employer

Another popular way to give is through workplace charitable campaigns such as the GCWCC (formerly the United Way campaign). The Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) is a charitable giving option developed exclusively for federal public servants and federal retirees. Through the GCWCC, public servants can support United Way Centraides, HealthPartners or any other registered Canadian charity of their choosing. 

Simply identify St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish or St. Columban Mission as the desired charity using the parish charitable organization number, which you can obtain from the parish secretary.


Special Collections and Events

Throughout the year the church may have special collections in aid of an immediate need or hold events such as dinners, bake sales or raffles. All of these activities are good ways to ensure the church is able to continue to carry out their mission and address anticipated or unanticipated expensive repairs or maintenance. 


Making bequests in your Will

Last Will and Testaments can include bequests to a church. A bequest for a specific purpose or a general gift to be used at the discretion of the parish are options most people will consider. Consult with your notary or lawyer for assistance.

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