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You love each other, you have decided, or are thinking about getting married in a church. Here’s what you need to know…


REGISTRATION must be done with the parish 12 months in advance of the proposed wedding date. You must have the following information with you at registration (for both the husband-to-be and wife-to-be):  

  • birth date;

  • date and name of the parish of Baptism and Confirmation;

  • name and address of notary in case of marriage contract;

  • parents’ names, address including their province/country of birth;  

  • name of witnesses;

  • if applicable, you must provide all previous divorce or annulment certificates.


FEES for the marriage is determined by the diocese but payable to the parish. The cost only covers the celebration at the church and does not include music, flowers, photography, or decorations.


MARRIAGE PREPARATION is a crucial step the couple must take so that the matrimonial alliance has a solid and long-lasting humanitarian and Christian foundation. The marriage preparation courses are mandatory. Several regional organizations offer such courses, including Saint Paul University’s correspondence courses. You can choose the method that suits your needs but you will be required to provide proof that you have completed the courses within at least 2 months of the planned wedding date.


THE PRENUPTIAL INQUIRY is a private meeting with the couple and a priest. The goal of this meeting is to demonstrate to the couple the seriousness of their endeavour and to ensure no obstacles will prevent their marriage. It will also entail discussions on the implications of a marriage and advice on matters such as personal identity, liberty of contractual marriage, Christian marriage preparation and personal intentions with respect to the essential properties and elements of marriage. The meeting will take place during a time depending on the availability of the priest and the couple.


THE PRACTICE usually occurs in the same week as the marriage and will review what will happen the day of the wedding ceremony. The celebrating priest will reserve the church for a date that meets everyone’s schedule.


THE WEDDING CEREMONY normally takes place within a Mass. However, it is sometimes preferable to celebrate it with a Liturgy of the Word for reasons of authenticity and coherence with the parties’ religious practice. These two formats will be explained by the priest during the prenuptial inquiry.


For information on the sacrament of matrimony please contact the parish office.

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