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First Communion & First Reconciliation


First  Reconciliation  &  First Communion   preparation usually begins  in early January on Sundays after mass (12:30 pm).


If  you  have  any  questions contact  Louise MacMillan– 819-643-1156 or email or Diane Brownrigg at


Registration  forms for sacraments  are  available  below or on  the wall at the  back  of  the church  or  contact  the parish secretary  at  the  church  office,  819-663-5244 or


Note: the parish is now applying a registration fee to cover the cost of materials and administration. Details will be provided to you at the first meeting.

Children aged 7 (grade 2) and up are invited to attend the sessions with their parents. The families and the leaders meet for approximately 8 sessions.  First Reconciliation is held before First Communion.  The ceremony is usually held in the Spring.


Why do parents have to be involved in sacramental preparation programs? 

Full initiation into the mystery of Christ is about the making of a Christian! Today we recognize that initiation needs a partnership, with parents as the first and most important partners.  Taking an active part in this process is your right and your dignity.


At your child’s Baptism, you promised to bring your child up in the faith.  Passing on faith involves all your day-to-day relationships:  your love for your child, your family priorities, and your witness to the values of the gospel in spite of all the pressures on family life today.


These sessions offer you an opportunity to join the other parents in preparing and in celebrating your child’s full initiation in the Christian life of our community.


What does my child have to know before receiving communion?

Children preparing for sacraments should be able to show that:


  • They know that God loves them and that they belong to God’s family.

  • They recognize that through Baptism, they are members of the church, the family of Christians.

  • They recognize the Bible as the book of God’s word.

  • They know some of the basic stories of Jesus.

  • They are able to pray such traditional prayers as Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be.

  • They know how important to say ‘I’m sorry’ when they hurt someone.

  • They are able to participate in the celebration of the Mass in an age-appropriate way.

  • They recognize that the bread we share in the Eucharist is Jesus, the Bread of Life.

  • They know that Jesus invites us to share in his work of caring for one another and for our world.


Reconciliation (Penance or Confession)

When the Eucharist and Baptism were separated and children were expected to reach the ‘age of reason’ before being admitted to the Lord’s Table, people thought that the baptized might have strayed from the way.  To rekindle the life of Baptism, the sacrament of Reconciliation was urged prior to Communion.


Is my child ready?

You know your child best.  The child’s desire should also be respected.  In the process of preparation, you may discover that your child does not really understand or lacks the desire for Eucharist. It would be well, in this case, to delay the celebration.


First Communion is just the beginning of a long journey into faith.  It is good to learn how our tradition helps us to set out properly.   Follow up by attending Mass regularly and participating in parish activities and events. 


For information on First Communion and Reconciliation preparation please contact the parish office.

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