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Parents can request baptism for their baby or small child (0-7).  The Church then requires only one condition be met: that there is a reasonable hope that this child will grow up in the Christian faith.  In other words, his/her parents, godfather and/or godmother must show a willingness and an ability to make Jesus known to their child as they grow, to help them love and imitate Jesus.  That is why the Christian community offers the parents some preparatory sessions: it is important that they understand the meaning of what they are asking for, the ritual that they will be celebrating, and the involvement it entails. At least one of the chosen godparents must have received the sacrament of confirmation (copy of their confirmation certificate to be provided) and be at least 15 years of age.


Older children, teenagers, and adults can request baptism for themselves. In that case, an age-appropriate preparation can be arranged that will help them really develop a living relationship with Jesus and with their brothers and sisters in the Church.  

For information on requesting a baptism please contact the parish office.

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