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Friendship Club of Gatineau Inc.


The Friendship Club is the only English club for seniors in Gatineau. The group meets once a week and organizes trips and other activities for its members.  The Club was established in 1991. Anyone age 50 or older may join.  After a period of 10 years and having reached the age of 80, members become life members.  The Club emphasizes friendship and its main purpose is to foster good mental and physical health.  We also emphasize feeling younger than we really are and this is reflected in our activities.  Membership averages between 195 and 210 members.  The Club meets each Thursday in the St. Aloysius Parish hall from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and holds special events for New Year’s, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Armistice Day, and Christmas.  We also hold regular military whist card parties each 1st Wednesday of the month. To become a member simply come any Thursday and sign up.  For more info please contact Moe Lambert at 819 664-8003.


Sewing Group

The St. Aloysius Sewing group meets every Tuesday from noon to 3:00PM in the basement of the church, usually from September to mid-June.  Everyone brings their own machines.

Most of the time, each brings whatever project they are working on for themselves. However, being together, they sometimes learn a new way to make things.

There are times the group makes items to raise funds for the parish such as table runners and soup cozies etc., and have raffled off quilts. It is their way of giving back for use of the hall.

The group has also helped in the making of quilts for Victoria's Quilts Canada.  This organization looks after providing and delivering quilts for people with cancer.

So, you are welcome to visit on a Tuesday afternoon and meet the group!

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